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AirDroid Desktop 3.2.0 Free

Airdroid is one of the best remote management system for Android phones. The Desktop version doesn't completely substitute the web interface, but...

Bosco's Screen Share 3.0 Free

Ever wanted to demonstrate something on another person's PC? If you've got Bosco's Screen Share, it'll be much easier than you think. This...

Kaspersky Safe Kids 1.0.1.Beta Free

Safeguard your children today!

Parallels Access Trial version

Parallels Access allows you to remotely access Mac and Windows applications on your Windows Phone. This means you can use applications such as...

AnyDesk 2.6.1 Free

AnyDesk is a remote desktop application with a focus on blazing-fast speeds and ease of use. Its minimal interface exists almost entirely to...

DeskRoll Remote Desktop Trial version

Secure web-based remote access tool.

TeamViewer 9.0.25843 Free

Simple, fast and secure desktop sharing

Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection 8.0.0 Free

Connect to a Windows based computer from your Mac

Chicken of the VNC 2.0 Free

Access another Mac remotely with this VNC client

Remotix 3.0.4 Trial version

Easily access all your computers with fast and secure RDP & VNC client.