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FontDrawer for Mac

Sometimes, you just need a bitmapped font. Drawing text can be an ordeal. Text drawing libraries are vast and often not-portable. Maybe you’re working at a scale where importing a text-drawing library seems overkill. If you are a game programmer, you’ll know that OpenGL does not have the built-in capability to draw text, so putting text in a game means drawing it yourself. But before you get started, you will need an image file with all the characters you care to draw in a rectangular grid. That’s what FontDrawer can make for you. Just pick a font, size, color, tweak the positioning and hit “export”.

Mostly bitmapped font creation tools are integrated into larger pieces of software, a plug-in for Photoshop or a game engine. They're part of a complex import path and only work in that context. This is a standalone app that's cheap and straightforward to use, allowing the developer to create their own import path.

This software is intended for indie game developers, video programmers, and artists.

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Size: 2.8 MB

Operating System: Mac OS X

Publisher/Developer: by Elena Santos

Release Date: Jan 6, 2017

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